The Tahoe Prosperity Center is the regional community and economic development non-profit for the Tahoe Basin. We work with local businesses, jurisdictions, non-profits, and community members to advance identified, data-driven initiatives that better the environment, community, and economy for everyone living and working in Tahoe.

The Tahoe Basin is geographically, socially, and economically unique. Made up of two states, five counties, and one municipality, the work done to create an inclusive and resilient Lake Tahoe must also be unique in its approach. The Tahoe Prosperity Center is facilitating the establishment of workforce housing, expanding diverse job opportunities, improving cellular and broadband connectivity, and maintaining the safety of the Basin’s environment and communities with innovative fire safety technology. Our work is driven by and measured against regionally-specific data so that we know what’s working and what courses need to be adjusted in real time to better serve Tahoe’s communities, economy, and environment.

Regional collaboration is critical to the success of our work. We’re grateful to our existing partners and look forward to expanding our network further into Tahoe’s communities, businesses, and jurisdictions. This Tahoe Career Connect website, is just one example of a successful partnership with ADVANCE to help local residents improve their educational, civic and career opportunities.

Have questions/comments about our projects or want to get involved? Please reach out!

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Partnering to provide the workforce needs of the Tahoe Basin.